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About XL3-S

XL3-S is a topical gel designed to help men who suffer from symptoms associated with erectile dysfunction, or those that just wish to create a more enjoyable bedroom experience. This "triple-action" gel aids in increasing the length, diameter, and stamina of the erectile tissue.

What is XL3-S Composed of?
This odorless and colorless gel uses a formulation of natural ingredients including:

  • Fenugreek - used as an herb and a spice to stimulate
  • Melaleuca - used to aid in internal blood pressure and aid in increasing usefulness of the erectile tissue during and at the conclusion of copulation
  • Linden - leaves from this tree is used to aid in improving blood flow
  • Guarana - leaves from this plant help increase energy and longevity of the penis when needed
  • Lavandin Oil - an essential oil that is said to have calming and anti-stress properties. It is designed to release skin tension to allow for more penile growth
  • Muira Puama Extract - native to the Amazon rainforest, it's indigenous name is "potency wood", known to increase sex drive and ability to produce an erection

How is XL3-S Applied?
XL3-S is applied directly on the penis shaft and glans surface, which results in a thickening and widening of the penis. In short, it helps prolong the erectile tissue to enjoy and satisfy your partner intimately.

XL3-S is also designed to help increase the intensity of intimate contact by making the organ wet and smooth after application. It is odorless, colorless, and has a pleasing taste so other forms of intimacy are not only safe, but encouraged.

XL3-S is designed to help increase staying power, sensitivity of physical penetration, and overall satisfaction of both you and your partner during intimacy.

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